Primary Care Tele-Health

No More Waiting!

When you need medical attention, connecting with a primary health care provider is the first step you can take. Primary health care acts as first contact and guides you for the next medical help you may need. It could be any further medical tests, referring a specialist, and more. It ensures a patient receives quality comprehensive care.



  • Health supervision and anticipatory guidance
  • Monitoring physical and psychosocial growth and development
  • Age-appropriate screening
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic disorders
  • Management of serious and life-threatening illness
  • When appropriate, referral to a specialist

How They Work

We believe patients are best served when an integrated practice care team led by a primary care physician treats them. Health professionals work together as an interprofessional and interdependent team to deliver comprehensive care to patients. With their expertise, professionalism, and collaborative approach, they treat and manage the health of an individual patient and a population of patients.
The team supports enhanced communication and processes to empower all staff. This encourages them to effectively utilize each team member's skills, training, and abilities and their professional capacity to deliver the best care.


  • Increased access to advanced health services
  • Encourages continuity and convenience by consulting your preferred health care provider
  • Early detection prevents further damage
  • Better communication and less stressful
  • Regular maintenance to avoid future health problems

Easy Access

At PATH, now you get easy access to primary health care services with health-e-schools or telemedicine. This minimizes the time you need to go to the doctor. In addition, you can instantly get the help of a healthcare provider and start medication if required. There is also a video consultation facility available for your convenience.