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Good Health

Offering access to Primary Care, Mental Health Care and Health Education at School, where kids spend most of their time.


School-Based Health Centers

in Pender County, NC

What We Do

PATH provides access to Integrated Health Care in the Pender County Schools. In addition to two School Based Health Centers at Pender High and Cape Fear Middle/Elementary, all other schools are connected through our TeleHealth Network by visiting the school nurse. TeleTherapy for Mental Health is also available.


With our School Based Health Centers and integrated care approach, children can be seen where they spend most of their time: at school. Patients get seen the same day and parents don’t have to leave work and try to get an appointment with a doctor. Students miss less school and parents often don’t miss any work.


Our Partners

Coastal Horizons is our mental health provider and collaborates with our primary care team and Pender County School counselors and nurses in an effort to address any mental health concerns as early as possible. We do this through our Integrated Care Coordinator, two full-time licensed therapists, a wellness coach, and a TeleTherapy Network.   

Center for Rural Health Innovation is our Primary Care provider and has Nurse Practitioners in our School Based Health Centers as well as a statewide TeleHealth program where students can be seen at their school by visiting the School Nurse for a TeleHealth visit with a Nurse Practitioner. Just like in the Doctor’s office only the Doc is online and student is with the School Nurse! 

Pender County Schools understands that healthy kids are better learners and supports efforts to ensure their students have access to the Integrated Health Care they need to lead healthy lives. 

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